They discover a pre-Columbian ceremonial center on the highest peak in Mexico

They discover a pre-Columbian ceremonial center on the highest peak in Mexico

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A team of researchers from the National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH) of Mexico, has found a Pre-Columbian ceremonial center on the highest peak in Mexicothey reported today.

"This ceremonial site is the largest found in the Pico de Orizaba volcano so far," the INAH reported, adding that it could be dated to the Classic or Epiclassic period (or Late Classic), or between the 3rd and 10th centuries.

The site, called «Poyauhtlan»(The place where the clouds become lighter), contains various decorated ceramic objects and stone objects, as well as shards of slate and small leaves and arrowheads of obsidian.

The structure has two openings or entrances, and each of its four side walls is 35 meters long, occupying a total area of ​​1,188 square meters.

Given the altitude of the site and its architectural structure, similar to that of the ceremonial site on top of Mount Tlaloc, in archaeologists explained that the location was used to perform rain rituals.

Although the structure was first seen in 2005 in a satellite photograph, it wasn't until 2017 that researchers climbed to the top of the volcano to verify the image.

Now the archaeologists they will continue with the investigation on the spot, located at 4,200 meters above sea level with views of the Puebla-Tlaxcala valley.

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