The Oracle of Claros in Colophon

The Oracle of Claros in Colophon

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Clear, also called Clear, is one of the most important archaeological sites in Turkey and the site of the famous Oracle of Claros, a sanctuary dedicated to Apollo in the colophon cops in Ionia (Asia Minor).

According to tradition, the first Greeks who arrived in Claros, inhabited by the so-called dear, famous mercenaries located to the southwest of present Turkey, were the Cretans commanded by Racio.

Racio, married to Manto, the daughter of Tiresias who was a blind soothsayer in the city of Thebes and one of the most important soothsayers in Greek mythology along with Calchas, came to Claros by order of the Oracle of Delphi along with Theban prisoners from when the city of Argos seized Thebes.

Continuing with tradition and according to text of Pomponio Mela ‘Corography’, Manto was the one who erected the temple of Apollo Cario and his son Mopsus, was the one who expelled the Carians from the area according to Pausanias, to later become a featured fortune teller.

Behind the Trojan war, the fortune teller arrived in Claros Calcant who acted as augur in Troy, and challenged Mopsus to see which of the two was the better diviner. The winner of that contest was Mopso and according to account StraboThis caused Calcante to die of grief.

The ritual at the Oracle of Claros

Tacitus relates in ‘Annals II how were the rituals at the Oracle of Claros, which were given by priests from the families of Miletus, thus differing from the Oracle of Delphi in which they were transmitted by women.

The ritual, continuing with what it relates Tacit In his book Annals, it was that after hearing the priest's name and number, he descended to the cave where he drank water from a fountain and returned to give answers in verse.

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