Girl discovers 3,200-year-old Egyptian amulet in Israel

Girl discovers 3,200-year-old Egyptian amulet in Israel

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As it happens in many occasions, some discoveries are made by mere chance and archeology is not a field in which these cases do not occur. One of the most recent comes from Israel, where a 12-year-old girl, who volunteered to search for ancient pieces in a new project in Jerusalem, discovered an Egyptian amulet dating back about 3,200 years old, making her one of the main protagonists of the season.

This project is simple and can be done by children, using a sieve to select different objects from hundreds of tons of soil that were illegally removed in 1999 from the Temple Mount area, but later recovered by the Israel National Parks Authority.

Her names Neshama Spielman and despite her age, has been with the project for four years and she was the one who found this amulet on the slopes of the well-known Mount of Olives, where small figures engraved on it have been discovered.

When she was interviewed by the media, she said that she had found a completely different piece from the others and did not hesitate for a second to know that it was something very special.

After that discovery and after many laboratory tests carried out by experts from the Israel Antiquities Authority, the little girl's family has been notified that It is a piece with 3,200 years old and where you can read the name of Tutmosis III, monarch who reigned in Egypt between 1479 and 1425 BC.

Gabriel Barkay professor of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, the piece, which measures 21 x 16 x 4 millimeters, has a loop at the top, something that is believed to have been used to place some kind of loop and would later hang around the neck, although not 100% sure.

This discovery becomes part of the archaeological treasure of Israel, which has hundreds of findings that conclusively prove the presence of the Egyptian Empire in the territory of Israel and in what was long ago known as Canaan.

On a more personal note, both for the girl and for her family, this finding has a more special meaning given that the Jewish Passover is approaching, where the departure of the Israelites from Egypt is commemorated.

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