The search for Leonardo Da Vinci's DNA

The search for Leonardo Da Vinci's DNA

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A multidisciplinary team of specialists have joined forces to work on what is already known as Leonardo project, with which it is intended create a new vision of Leonardo da Vinci thanks to different technologies including the most modern DNA analysis.

For this project no effort has been spared, neither personnel nor technological devices. For example, they have a radar that will be used in an Italian church to investigate the possible location of the grave of his father and other relatives.

Too DNA will be used to meet several of their descendants who currently live in the transalpine country. Of course, as long as they are granted the necessary authorizations for this purpose, which would allow them to check the DNA of current relatives with those already deceased, as well as bones, hair, skin cells or fingerprints among other details.

Of this genius it is known that died in the year 1519 and went buried southwest of Paris, in the town of Amboise, and that stood out for his fantastic imagination, for his innovation and because he stood out in countless fields such as architecture, sculpture, painting, etc.

But also noted for the invention, with objects such as what could be considered as the first delta wing, the helicopter (which Juan de la Cierva would perfect many years later), an armored tank or a kind of submarine among many others.

The excitement to learn more about this genius has led art historians, microbiologists, anthropologists, genealogists and a large number of experts to join forces to achieve it. In addition, many prestigious universities and institutes in the United States, Canada, Italy, the United Kingdom or Spain, are collaborating to make great progress together.

In addition to Leonardo's physical appearance, more information about your ancestors is expected as well as his state of health, what were his personal habits, his diet or even his usual place of residence, although it is known that for different reasons he had to live away from home for periods of time.

Without a doubt, to get more data on one of the brightest geniuses ever, would allow us all to know more about his life, one of the great questions that remain to be solved in the complex puzzle of history, but surely sooner or later they will end up getting it.

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