Jerusalem and Galilee are older than previously thought

Jerusalem and Galilee are older than previously thought

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History is not enough to be studied once, it is something that must be done forever because you never know when a test will appear that will destroy everything on which we had built our past, something similar to what has happened recently with the cities of Jerusalem and Galilee.

Several recent discoveries have made these two places may be much older than previously believed. A group of archaeologists has found a giant town of about 12,000 years ago in Galilee and another of 7,000 years in Jerusalem.

According to the story, the oldest settlements are in Jericho, which date from about 11,000 years approximately. Until now, Jerusalem was believed to have its origins dating back to 5000 BC. and from Galilee around 10,200 BC, but recent findings suggest they are older if possible, which has quickly aroused the interest of the international community.

The Israel Antiquities Authority recently announced that a settlement dating back about 7,000 years had been found in Jerusalem, which reveals that this city may have started in the Copper Age.

Obviously this breaks with everything that was known until now and surely, both this and many other places, need to be studied again to be able to determine with more precision what year its origins go back to.

The reason why the age had not been specified, in addition to this town not having been found in Jerusalem, is because there is no kind of record or remnant that has witnessed the birth of the city and only the remains found could be studied, surely manufactured or built many years after their true origin.

The reason lies in the discovery of two houses with fairly well-preserved remains such as vessels, stone tools and even a basalt bowl, which will allow further investigation and obtain highly important data on the origin.

It is reported that the site discovered by archaeologists from the Hebrew University, It is a large town that is immersed in a process of in-depth study and in which different international teams specialized in different fields are involved, something normal, since this finding will make the history books have to be rewritten.

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