An error reveals that not all Africans have Eurasian DNA

An error reveals that not all Africans have Eurasian DNA

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In October 2015, a group of scientists from the University of Cambridge published a study determining that human beings throughout Africa carry DNA inherited from Eurasian immigrants, but now they have made public that they were wrong.

In their first report they advanced that the populations of the entire African continent have a very important ancestry of the farmers of the Middle East, based on a massive migration that occurred 3,000 years ago. All for a genome that was extracted from the skull of a man buried face down some 4,500 years ago in the Mota cave, in what is now Ethiopia.

According to the researchers, it was these lands near the caves that reached the highest levels of Eurasian ancestry, but everything has changed practically overnight.

Andrea Manica, one of the authors of the work, assures that the team made a mistake in its conclusion that the reflux reached West and Central Africa. Manica assured that the movement around 3,000 years ago was limited to East Africa.

He has also explained that the error occurred when the research team compared different genetic variants in the man of ancient Ethiopia with those of the human genome taken as a reference. The incompatibility between two software packages that were used in the research caused some of the variants that the Ethiopian man shared with the European men to be removed from the analysis.

This error would cause the man found at Mota to appear to have a more distant relationship to European populations than he actually was, and made other African populations appear more related to Eurasians. It was all because of a software incompatibility.

Ponto Skoglund, a geneticist at Harvard Medical School, began a new comparison between the two populations and couldn't find any kind of evidence for that conclusion. It was he who was in charge of sounding the alarm to the Manica team and the failure was discovered.

Skoglund stated that they knew that there was a minimal amount of genes from a migration in East Africa, but it did not reach West and Central Africa, at least not in a detectable way.

Finally, it is highlighted that the error defeats the original conclusions of the document published in October 2015, where it was ensured that many Africans carry Neanderthal DNA, inherited directly from Eurasians who in the past had interbred with the group.

In this way, a premise is fulfilled that can be extended to any aspect of our lives, "you learn from mistakes", Which will make that for later investigations everything is reviewed more in depth, even the software.

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