Video with the recreation of the destruction of Pompeii after the eruption of Vesuvius

Video with the recreation of the destruction of Pompeii after the eruption of Vesuvius

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The company Zero One Animation created a 3D video for an immersive film intervention at the request of the Melbourne Museum, which offered visitors the opportunity to feel the same drama and terror that the citizens of Pompeii felt during the 48 duration of the Vesuvius volcano eruptions on August 24, 79.

The city was completely buried under volcanic ash and pumice stone, and for 1500 years no one could locate it until 1599, but the magnitude of Pompeii was demonstrated in its subsequent rediscovery 1748 by the Spanish engineer Roque Joaquín de Alcubierre, starting at that time archaeological prospecting work.

Here you can see the full video.

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