Minoan wreck found in Turkey

Minoan wreck found in Turkey

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The media have echoed an important finding of a Minoan wreck dating back to the Bronze Age, approximately of the first half of the year 2000 before Christ. To investigate this discovery, a team of archaeologists from the Institute of Marine Sciences and Technology of the Turkish University of Dokuz Eyul.

Although the discovery was made in 2014 in the Hisaronu bay, between the Turkish coast and the westernmost part of Crete, it has not been until now that many of the discoveries have been presented.

As Harun Ozdas stated, director of underwater excavations, preliminary studies suggest that it could be a merchant ship that was wrecked by the rocky orography of the coast while making a journey between the Anatolian coast and different islands in the Aegean Sea.

The investigations carried out in 2015 organized by the specialists of the Marmaris Museum, reveal that in the wreck there are many similarities to the Minoan context. It is one of the oldest wrecks of all that have been found in the entire Mediterranean, dating back to the Minoan civilization, which controlled many of the great maritime trade routes of the eastern Mediterranean.

Experts agree that this archaeological site represents one of the great evidence of maritime activity in the Aegean Sea and they ensure that it will reveal a large volume of information.

Currently it has been reported that the research team is examining the pieces that have been extracted. They hope to be able determine the provenance of the ship as well as its origin and destination as well as the cargo it could carry in its warehouses.

At the moment, the discovery of several pieces of ceramics such as pitchers, vases, amphoras and different objects that belonged to the rig and organic remains such as oyster shells has been confirmed, showing that they were nourished by the fruits of the sea during their journeys. Now, they hope to get more results in the next excavation season, which will take place between July and August of this year.

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