Roman gladiators, more than a legend

Roman gladiators, more than a legend

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For a long time It was thought that gladiator women never existed, but after many investigations it has been possible to confirm that finally there wereThey existed, and they were a very important part of that history that we all know from movies, television series, books, etc., the gladiatorial fights of the Roman Empire.

In those years they were known as gladiatrix and their fights were as expected as those of their male counterparts, perhaps not being as strong, but not without cruelty especially since the combats were to the death, a macabre entertainment that was very popular in any point of the Roman Empire for practically its entire existence.

One of the main characteristics that differentiated them from male gladiators is that the gladiatrix did not arrive protective helmets and the reason was so that everyone who attended the show could see that it was really about women.

Likewise, according to the researchers, they had leg and arm protectors, a shield and the traditional gladiator sword known as gladius, being that the only kit on which these women counted.

Gladiatrix were not only fighters, but there are indications that during the Roman Empire they were used as sexual objects for the Roman elite, although not exclusively for slavery as it happened with men (we must not forget that gladiators were slaves, therefore they were at the mercy of what that their master ordered them), but in their great majority, the gladiatrix were free.

So, why were they fighting? They were women who liked adventure and above all to fight, theirs being a job and for which they prepared day by day and what they surely lived for.

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Normally they were Roman women who had their role in the society of those years and according to Tacitus (56-117) they were never seen with the nobility, although his fights were extremely popular in those years.

As research reveals, the gladiatrix fought but not for the money that could be obtained because they were already very rich, but because they were looking for excitement and notoriety, and to fight, you only needed, in addition to being in good shape and having knowledge of the different weapons, a permit granted by the person who organized the shows.

Finally, we must remember that gladiatrix first appeared during the rule of Emperor Nero and it is not known for sure when they began to disappear, perhaps due to the loss of public interest or the fall of the Roman Empire, but history has confirmed that these fighters did exist.

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