The study of the Roman sword found in Canada continues

The study of the Roman sword found in Canada continues

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The latest news from Oak Island about the discovered roman sword Some time ago it is feeding an incipient avalanche of hypotheses that assure that the Romans were able to reach not only Iceland or Greenland, but that they even did it much further or also cross the Atlantic, some of what is also said about the Viking people.

Since the sword was discovered, everything has been a mystery because it is not yet known exactly how it got to Oak Island, in the Nova Scotia region of Canada, far beyond Greenland.

If this is proven, it was necessary to reshape history as we know it, since the Romans could have been the ones who discovered the continent, and this important historical fact could be attributed to them.

The discovered sword has been subjected to continuous investigations since 2008 And although not everything is known about it, one of the principal investigators, the art collector David Xavier Kenney, this sword still has a lot to say.

Nowadays the symbology that it has is being studied in depth, from which it is hoped to obtain important information that can help reveal the exact origin and how it got to this latitude, something that brings archaeologists, historians and researchers around the world to their head.

Kenney assured that he was doing different additional studies in December 2012 on a metallic artifact that is kept in a museum in the North American state of Eastern Virginia.

During 2014, he also had the opportunity to study an ancient stone-carved tool that was supposedly built by the Romans, which makes the mystery even bigger and creates countless hypotheses about its origin and how those tools could arrive. to the American continent.

Both tools have different symbols that seem to indicate what may be its originBut it is not definitive and the investigations will have to continue, so the international community will continue to watch for any kind of indication.

Finally, one of the most recent hypotheses suggests that this sword was brought on a ship in more recent times, something that may be possible given that a team of researchers found many artifacts in this area with an age of about 1000 years before the arrival of Christopher Columbus.

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