A replica of Osiris's tomb discovered in Luxor

A replica of Osiris's tomb discovered in Luxor

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One of the most recent news coming from Egypt comes from the Valley of the Nobles in Luxor, exactly in an area known as Sheikh abd el-Gourna, where a replica of the tomb of Osiris has been found.

The discovery was made thanks to a collaboration between a team from the Canary Islands and the Italian region of Tuscany led by Milagros Álvarez and Dr. Abd el-Hakim Carrar in collaboration with the Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities.

After the first inquiries it can be said that it is a grave that has a special architecture, very similar to the Osireion of Abydos.

The access to the tomb, which is carried out by means of a transversal room of sepulcher 337, then by means of a staircase you reach a kind of chapel with a vaulted shape and where Osiris is erected at a certain height. A surprising discovery, like a movie.

Another of the details discovered in this grave is that it has a hidden well that communicates with several burial chambers 15 meters deep, place where the bodies of the deceased are supposed to rest, enjoying the protection of the god of the dead, although for the moment that area has not been explored.

Is alleged chapel It is flanked by a corridor that leads to another room where there is another well from which it is possible to descend to four other burial chambers.

In this case, the researchers did gain access and were able to find a surprise, the decoration of one of them. It was about a decoration with different demons holding knives in their hands, something that was intended protect the body of the deceased.

Finally, it should be noted that next autumn the Canarian-Tuscany Archaeological Mission will continue its investigations, because they know that there is still much to discover in this area, as they did in their first investigation between November 2013 and January 2014 where they discovered the grave of May and his wife Neferet, dating back to the 18th dynasty.

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