5,000 Heritage files digitized in Murcia

5,000 Heritage files digitized in Murcia

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Archival It is very important in everything related to history since having a good database can obtain specific information in a very short time, quickly and safely, information that can be important for research purposes, to allow professionals and scholars on a certain subject or those people who are simply curious about history, among other fields, can satisfy their thirst for knowledge.

This is something that should be done whenever we have the opportunity, not only to have information at our disposal but to maintain the legacy that history has left us and learn more about certain stages, their characteristics, architecture, culture or any other kind of influence of importance.

Recently, in Murcia, the Minister of Finance and Public Administration, Andres Carrillo, visited DocuViva, a section attached to the Training, Employment and Marketing Center (FEYCSA), a place where important archival work has been carried out, digitizing no less than 5,000 heritage files.

The counselor did not hesitate to praise the important work carried out, highlighting that this work will make it possible to have full availability of all those documents that are currently digitized, to be consulted at any time.

It should be noted that the Ministry has a minor service contract with FEYCSA for the digitization of 3,000 administrative files and that there will be another contract in 2016 to complete the digitization of the rest of the archived files, for which it will be reversed on the order of the 21,000 euros approximately.

Likewise, we cannot forget that the entire digitization process as well as confidential custody and destruction of documents is carried out by workers with intellectual disabilities and mental illness, all of them trained at FEYCSA.

The Ministry wanted to highlight that this is a center that is promoted by five associations, all of them non-profit belonging to FEAPS, and that it is a pioneer in providing this kind of services thanks to its team of workers and that they provide services both to public and private companies.

In addition, Carrillo wanted to emphasize that the regional government takes into account the importance of the integration of people with disabilities in the world of work, something that must be done by creating jobs in both public and private sectors and therefore has shown its It is committed to this integration, which, as we have seen, does a job of great importance.

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