Syrian regime destroys Busra-al-Sham (World Heritage Site)

Syrian regime destroys Busra-al-Sham (World Heritage Site)

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Sad news comes to us again from Syria. If millions of people are already affected by the eternal war in this country, we must add the historical losses that occur day in and day out, where the confrontations are destroying many of the architectural and historical gems that this country has. , or in many cases it is better to say, it counted, because in this contest neither people's lives nor historical and architectural points are respected, everything is capable of disappearing.

The Syrian regime has bombed a complex located in the ancient city of Daraa, listed by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site, causing significant destruction and irrecoverable damage.

As reported by the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, part of an old citadel has been destroyed which includes a Roman theater dating back to the 2nd century and which was in excellent condition of conservation, after two helicopters launched their specific attack against these targets.

The archaeological citadel of Busra-al-Sham It has suffered significant material and structural damage, with a large number of cracks in two of its two towers, which will make its reconstruction much more difficult due to the poor condition in which they have remained.

This is just a sad sample of what happens practically every day in this corner of the world and where little by little real treasures are lost that provided a lot of information about some of the peoples and cultures that lived here for so many years and that have ceased to have their splendor being turned into rubble in most cases.

As it has appeared in different media, the bombs could have caused much more damage than they actually did even though they were truly devastating. They completely collapsed the pillars surrounding the courtyard leading directly to the Roman theater and also destroyed the direct entrance to the South courtyard, which interconnects the first and second levels.

Now, in what was once the courtyard, there is a large crater caused by the impact of a bomb, which made the second level of the corridors surrounding the theater would collapse, producing dangerous cracks and blocking several of the corridors with large stones.

Unfortunately, this will surely not be the last news of this type to be released in this land so ravaged by war and that so many historical and archaeological treasures have been destroyed.

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