The hidden history of Britain at the British Museum

The hidden history of Britain at the British Museum

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The British Museum in London has opened a formidable exhibition that explores the history of Britannia from prehistoric times to Romano-British times across the UK. For this, an incredible selection of pieces has been made so that all attendees have clear feedback on everything that has happened throughout history in this corner of the world, especially bronze weapons and coins among other objects belonging to the Age of iron.

It makes a complete study of the past thanks to the latest discoveries that have been made in recent years or even months by search engines. It is important to remember that in Great Britain there is a law that requires all search engines who find something to report their find, which has meant that many more have been reported since 1998, the year in which this law was introduced.

In this exhibition we can see many objects that have their origin in the Bronze Age and also from the time of the Romans, especially coins, which could suggest that in those years there was great economic stability, although history has come to show that this was not the case and that there was also great political instability, Although this has not prevented many of the objects from those years from surviving the passage of time and today we can enjoy them by visiting an exhibition like the one they have prepared in this museum.

It should also be noted that the most important piece in this exhibition is the treasure of Roman coins that was found in a vessel with no less than 52,503 coins. This treasure was discovered in 2010 and from that moment on, many unknowns began to arise about its origin and why they were introduced into that huge vessel.

Another of the treasures of this exhibition was found by Eric Lawes in 1992, hoxne treasure, which, like many archaeological discoveries, was found by chance, and is one of the most information reported within its genre. Without a doubt, this exhibition is a must if you have the opportunity to visit London during these dates because we can find an important legacy that is an indisputable part of the history of this country and learn much more about this important destination.

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