Tutankhamun's nurse could have been his sister Meritatón

Tutankhamun's nurse could have been his sister Meritatón

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The last Sunday, French archaeologist Alain Zivie expressed that Maia, Pharaoh Tutankhamun's nurse, could have actually been his sister Meritatón, reviving speculation about the identity of the king's mother. DNA tests showed that Akhenaten was Tutankhamun's father, but the identity of his mother is still a mystery today.

On Sunday, archaeologists, Egyptian authorities and Zivie told reporters Maia's grave, prior to its opening to the general public next month and which was discovered by Zivie in Saqqara in 1996, in a necropolis 20 km south of Cairo.

Maia was Tutankhamun's nurse and Zivie stated that «Maia is none other than Princess Meritatón, sister or half sister of Tutankhamun and daughter of Akhenaten and Nefertiti«, A conclusion that he has reached based on the carvings of Tutankhamen and Maia on the walls of the latter's tomb.

«The extraordinary thing is that they are very similar: they have the same chin, eyes and general family traits«, And added that«The engravings show Maia sitting on the royal throne and Tutankhamun on her lap, being very similar to those found in Akhenaten's tomb, where the pharaoh had his capital.«.

In the Akhenaten's tombIn addition to the carvings showing the death of Princess Maketaten (second daughter of the pharaoh with Nefertiti), «we see scenes in which there is a woman nursing a baby, and this one who is shown as a nurse is Princess Meritatón Akhenaten's eldest daughter, "he declared.

The tomb of Meritaton and before this, the Minister of Antiquities Mamduh al-Damati said that it could be in the secret chamber of the tomb of Tutankhamun, which is currently under study because it is believed that Nefertiti could also be there.

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