Exposed skeleton of a young Viking woman in York

Exposed skeleton of a young Viking woman in York

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A wooden coffin with a skeleton belonging to a young viking woman Inside, all in an excellent state of preservation, it has become part of an exhibition at the Jorvik Viking Center in the city of York.

Remember that this city was occupied by the Vikings at the end of the 9th century and the occupation would last approximately until the middle of the 10th century, at which time the Kingdom of England absorbed this Nordic settlement.

The origin of this skeleton dates back to the year 990 when different excavations were being carried out in the Swinegete area of ​​the city of York and in one of them this body was discovered in such a good state of conservation as well as many others dating from between the 9th and 11th centuries.

The archaeological site where the body was found is Swinegate, a place where what was once the cemetery of the old church of San Benet was explored in depth, which had remained almost intact until the beginning of the 14th century and against By all accounts, several wooden coffins had survived the time.

The museum's director, Sarah Maltby, stated that: “As we continued working on the excavations, back in the late 1970s, the conditions in which the soil was, completely flooded, made the wood of many coffins remain almost unaltered with complete skeletons, where some of them are older than without problem the 1,000 years”.

The ground conditions were basic to be able to maintain the coffins and also its interior and thanks to this it has been possible to preserve these examples, which there are not too many in the world.

Regarding the coffin it can be said that was made for a young woman and it is estimated that this skeleton belonged to a woman between 26 and 35 years old and dates from approximately the end of the Viking period.

The museum has confirmed that one of the recent analyzes carried out on the bones revealed that the woman had an inadequate diet or a disease in her childhood as well as a degenerative disease in the joints, both of the spine and of the hips, but of At the moment it has not been possible to know what was the cause of his death, although they have confirmed that the investigations into the body are still being carried out with the data that has been collected and they hope to present more information soon.

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