Book «The cage of the monkeys» by Manuel Santos Varela

Book «The cage of the monkeys» by Manuel Santos Varela

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On many occasions, within history you have to deal with our bloodiest past and it is true that every corner of the world has had its darkest stages and it is not necessary to go back many centuries in time to remember some of the most atrocious historical times that have been lived.

The Second World War is one of the historical scenarios in which there was more human loss as well as cruelty, but an extreme cruelty that had not been seen since the time of the Inquisition, to give an example so that we can all imagine the harshness of those moments .

The Spanish writer Manuel Santos Varela has written a book titled The Monkey Cage, a book that reflects the great rawness of one of the worst episodes in modern history, the Nazi concentration camps, authentic embassies of hell on Earth where all its tenants roamed like souls in pain, carried to exhaustion and death with their daily jobs, sick, hungry, thirsty and crammed into small barracks that were emptied as they died and were replaced by new prisoners.

As you can imagine, reading it can even be uncomfortable because no human being with a heart and feelings likes to see what human beings can do with their own peers, just because they have another religion, belong to another race, or they have a different way of thinking than they professed.

It may not be pleasant to read but that is the goal of the book, to make the reader feel, although in an infinitesimally small way, the anguish suffered by all those people who found their bones in any of the many concentration camps spread throughout Germany, Poland and other countries during the war.

As Santos Varela stated, what he wanted was give a credible testimony on behalf of those who can no longer give it because they are no longer alive or because they were exterminated in the thousand and one different ways that the Nazis carried out with their "final solution”.

It is one of the crudest portraits of one of the darkest times of the last century XX and that shows how the human race has in itself one of its worst enemies, leaving an open door to see the cruelty to which it can reach.

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