A "Hand of Glory" discovered in the UK


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A British newspaper recently reported the discovery of a mummified hand in the town of Castleton, in North Yorkshire, England. People say that This could be the last "Hand of Glory" a relic with certain macabre touches that in the past was believed to protect thieves while they committed their misdeeds.

The legend assures that this hand had the power to enchant humans and thus prevent thieves from being caught committing the crime, a deeply rooted belief in England, hence the existence of many of these hands.

As different newspapers reveal, the last hand of glory It was discovered inside the walls of a humble cabin in the town of Castleton. One of those responsible for discovering it was a local historian named Joseph Ford, who claimed that that ancient hand, according to beliefs, has great supernatural power.

The elaboration of a hand of these characteristics was something very specific as can be seen in different studies such as the one carried out by the writer Sabine Baring-Gould, who detailed in her work Curious Myths of the Middle Ages, a lot of information about it.

What is the Hand of Glory?

This is the hand of a man who has been hanged and for its preparation it was necessary to wrap it in a sheet, pressing it very tightly to extract any remaining blood that it had inside.

Later it was placed in a clay pot with saltpeter, pepper and salt, all well ground. It will be left to rest for about fifteen days until it is dry and then it will be left in the sun on days of heatwave until it is completely dry. But if the sun is not enough to do it, the hand must be put into a heated oven with verbena and fern and finally a candle must be made with the hangman's fat, virgin wax and Lapland sesame.

With this, all the thieves who used the Glory Hand as a candlestick to hold a lit candle made from the fat of a hanged man, they could open any locked door and render the inhabitants of the house unconscious or paralyze them until the thief had done his job.

Without a doubt, it is one of the many legends that have circulated for hundreds of years and that, whether it is true or not, although all legends have a component of truth, it is still one of the many curiosities that history has in store for us.

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