16th century paintings found in Lorca

16th century paintings found in Lorca

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The restoration work being done in the old collegiate church of San Patricio de Lorca have allowed find some paintings dating back to the 16th century and that they were unknown, which was quite a surprise.

Noelia Arrollo, Minister of Culture and Government Spokesperson, had the opportunity to see the paintings, which were hidden in different parts of the church. Of them it can be said that They are the only Renaissance paintings to be found in Lorca.

It has been explained so the great importance, richness and cultural value of the church of San Patricio is evident, one of the many temples that thanks to the work of many people and institutions is being recovered little by little, although no one was aware of the treasure that was housed inside.

This discovery was possible thanks to the parietal tastings that were carried out during its restoration, which allowed paintings appeared in areas such as chapels of the Rosary, of the Assumption, that of the Tabernacle, the Custody, of the Holy Angel and Saint Ildefonso as well as the entrance to the Sacristy and in front of the altars among other corners.

Practically all these paintings They are from the first artistic period of the collegiate church, in the Renaissance. These are different geometric decorations and with different figurative motifs, mainly iconographies of various saints and there are also pictures of vegetables in many shapes and colors.

According to early investigations on the ground, its state of conservation is relatively good for having spent so many years and in the conditions in which they were. But this has not been all but mural paintings have also been found, both of saints and of different religious orders, surely after the Baroque period and the decorations of the Dominicans, although these were already known.

Other treasures that were found are found on the doors of the sacristy and also the access to the Main Chapel, which have decorations of different figures in high relief with carnations dating back to the Renaissance, which makes this a formidable discovery.

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