They discover a new genetic lineage in an Inca mummy

They discover a new genetic lineage in an Inca mummy

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A frozen mummy of an Inca child has revealed the existence of a genetic lineage unknown until now. This mummy was found in 1985 frozen half-buried in what is the base of the Pyramid mountain, in the Argentine province of Mendoza. It belonged to a seven-year-old Andean boy who, presumably, had been sacrificed in a religious ritual called capacocha about five centuries ago.

A group of Spanish researchers in collaboration with another Argentine team analyzed the DNA extracted from a lung biopsy to be able to sequence its mitochondrial genome and the results have already been presented in the journal Scientific Reports.

Thanks to your analysis it has been possible to identify a haplogroup or genetic lineage that had not been found in contemporary populations and that has received the name of C1bi. Antonio Salas Eliacuriaga, professor at the University of Santiago de Compostela (USC) and geneticist, the mitochondrial genome is transmitted from mothers to children and has information that is very useful.

The team of researchers, which also includes Federico Martinón Torres, also from USC, believes that This lineage appeared approximately 14,000 years ago and was able to enter the first waves of expansion in the American continent. Among the possible reasons why this lineage had not been located before, according to the researchers, is that it could have crossed the continent and for some reason that is unknown it ended up becoming extinct.

The researchers emphasize that in their investigations, living descendants of this lineage have been located in both Peru and Bolivia. They clarify that the skeletal remains belonging to an individual who lived during the Wari empire have a high affinity with this hapliogroup.

It is stated that the Waris appeared before the Incas although they were contemporaneous with each other, so even the Incas could have some kind of kinship with them since after having analyzed a Wari individual, they have a similar profile with this lineage.

It is the first time that an Andean mummy has been studied genetically and now, thanks to the use of current DNA techniques on ancient human remains, an important window is opened towards the knowledge of diseases and also of the way of life that they had those ancient civilizations of that time in the entire Central and South American zone mainly and surely that after the studies they will have, and we will have, and a varied and important information.

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