Small archaeological discovery in Vetulonia

Small archaeological discovery in Vetulonia

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One of the most recent discoveries comes from Italy, where a few bronze figurines, where different human figures and a small horse are included. Exactly they were discovered in the Vetulonia town (Grosseto) in the inner area of ​​what is known as the Domus dei Dolia, an Etruscan house that was completely destroyed by fire in the early 1st century BC.

The excavation of the Domus dei Dolia, Its main objective is to bring to light what was once the urban district of Vetulonium or Vatluna, with its houses, craft shops, squares, streets and especially the temples dedicated to its gods.

The discovery was made possible by a group of volunteers from the Isidoro Falchi Association, founded in 2012, an organization that aims to preserve and bring back to life those archaeological investigations carried out in the Vetulonia area, where all the results obtained will be documented.

Of the finding carried out, three male figures stand out above all, who, after some preliminary preliminary studies it is estimated that its origin could be between the 3rd and 2nd century BC. and they could be considered as objects of devotion or worship, although, according to the researchers, there is still much research to get more information about everything discovered.

From the bronze statues discovered it can be seen that one of the carvings has a unique headdress, which It certainly reminds some of the famous Etruscan fortune tellers of their most important time.

Now, after the discovery of these articles, doubts begin to appear to which, for the moment, no answer has been obtained. One of them is what is the exact reason for the presence of this class of objects and of such quality in a place that is so far from its main use. This is only one of the many doubts that appear after having studied the remains, although the answers will arrive little by little as the research on the pieces found continues.

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