NASA confirms the existence of mysterious geoglyphs in Kazakhstan

NASA confirms the existence of mysterious geoglyphs in Kazakhstan

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NASA technology has confirmed the existence of mysterious geoglyphs in northern Kazakhstan, which had been forgotten until now and of which not much is known yet.

These are geometric figures that are the size of several football fields and that are only visible from the air, something like what can happen with the famous Nazca lines in Peru.

Its existence was documented for the first time in 2007 thanks to Google Earth and the work of a Kazakh economist and also archeology buff named Dmitriy Dey, who was surprised when he made the find.

These geoglyphs are found in the northern part of Kazakhstan, in a region known as Turgai, and were described as unique during an archeology conference held last year in Istanbul and since then there have been serious proposals to investigate this original and at the same time mysterious find.

As published by The New York Times, This geoglyph is close to a Neolithic settlement and it is a huge square that occupies a larger dimension than the Pyramid of Cheops. and according to experts, the oldest would date back about 8,000 years in time.

NASA has taken different photographs of higher quality than those offered by Google Earth in order to shed more light on what have already been baptized as the "steppe geoglyphs”, Of which there is not much information.

Compton J. Tuckle, the NASA scientist in charge of publishing these images taken by the DigitalGlobe satellite, claimed that he had never seen anything like it in his years of work, "this is something really amazing”, He sentenced.

At the moment the investigations will continue their pace trying to discover why they are there, what was their purpose, how they were made and all the necessary data to be able to offer a more rational explanation than that told by some legends.

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