New work on the King James Bible is discovered

New work on the King James Bible is discovered

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Not too long ago, Dr. Jeffrey Miller, an assistant professor, and John Milton, a literary scholar, received a significant reward from discover a fragment of the King James Bible, written by Samuel Sala between 1604 and 1608. The discovery, verified by some of the leading experts in the field, was presented by Dr. Miller himself in the Times Literacy Supplement, a weekly specialized in culture and literature.

Samuel Ward's project, which can be found at the University of Sydney Sussex College, Cambridge and reveals a complex interaction of translation, both individual and group, always related to the composition of the King James Bible and to the translation into English, known as the Bishops' Bible.

Dr. Miller spoke about the importance of the discovery, stating that: “In addition to being the oldest draft of the King James Bible, it is the only one ever found that can be verified as authentic. Likewise, it is the only one of which it can be said that it has a quite controversial part in terms of its translation, so it is a very valuable copy that can provide infinite information of great importance«.

He stressed that he was not looking precisely for the project since there was no evidence that it existed, he had only been asked to write an essay on the translator of that bible, Samuel Ward, who had been studied in depth by Dr. Miller when he was studying on a scholarship. Miller spent many days among notebooks and old files until he had the opportunity to discover it.

It was not initially identified as part of that bible, but after certain investigations things began to be more and more striking and could finally be discovered. Now, for the most studious of the Bible, a world of possibilities opens up that, according to Miller, can be much more than an amalgam of individual translations, it can bring with it an infinity of information of great value that would even allow to have a completely point of view different from some of the verses in the Bible as we know it today.

Now we can only wait for studies bear fruit and the authenticity of these apocrypha can be certified, although of course, in this the Church would also have a lot to say in this regard, therefore surely we will not know the results in a short space of time but quite the opposite.

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