The Colossus of Rhodes could become a reality again

The Colossus of Rhodes could become a reality again

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A group of hoteliers from the Greek town of Rhodes recently met to present their proposals for the recreation of the Colossus of Rhodes, the impressive statue of the Greek titan god of the sun, Helios, who once stood on a height of 30 meters in the port of Rhodes itself, being one of the great wonders of the ancient world and a pride both for the inhabitants of Rhodes and for the rest of Greece.

This structure, considered one of the tallest of its time, stood in the same port for about 56 years, until the earthquake in 226 BC wiped it out and since then no such construction was erected again.

What is known is that after its destruction, the remains of this colossus remained for more than 80 years in the same place where they had fallen due to the earthquake. In fact, it is said that it was so impressive even almost completely shattered, that many visits came to Rhodes to admire it, especially people who were passing through this city.

A mental image of the magnitude that this colossus could have was given to us Pliny the Elder, who assured that there were few people who could fully embrace the fallen thumb. He also claimed that each of his fingers was larger than any of the statues. Finally, in approximately 653, the statue was sold when a Muslim force under the command of the Muslim Caliph Muawiya I captured the city of Rhodes.

Centuries later, a group made up of 50 of the most important hoteliers on this Greek island have agreed and have as their objective make the Colossus of Rhodes a reality again and may it be the travelers of this century who go to Rhodes to admire the magnitude of this colossus.

At the moment they have already written a text that has been presented to Marietta Papavasileiou, the new regional coordinator of Rhodes, to study the viability of this creation as well as all its pros and cons. In addition, hoteliers are receiving help from MP Konstantinos Damavolitis, who has proposed to Greek Culture Minister Konstantinos Tasoulas to support the project to rebuild the Colossus of Rhodes.

When asked where the money would be obtained for this purpose, he did not hesitate to assure that he would seek funds in the European Union, UNESCO, different philo-Hellenic foundations, international organizations and also the Greek State among others.

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