A ceremonial complex discovered in Peru

A ceremonial complex discovered in Peru

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A team made up of Spanish explorers believe they have found in a mountain in Peru the ruins of a sanctuary that they believe dates back to the time of Tupac Inka Yupanki, the tenth of the Inca sovereigns, on the throne since 1471.

La Mard Gaming, name of the expedition, was led by the brothers Rafael and Miguel Gutiérrez Garitano and they have discovered a complex that is supposed to have been used by the Incas during the 15th century to worship the gods in times of drought or in which they were punished. by natural disasters, something that until now was unknown to science.

In this discovery it has also been found, very close to the sanctuary, a necropolis with cave burials. As they believe, in this ceremonial center some human sacrifices could have been celebrated in order to ask for the favor of the gods as can be demonstrated by the presence of a platform located about 5,000 meters above sea level.

The historian Carmen Martin Rubio, a specialist in the Andean world declared that: “From the geological point of view, the Andes constitutes a truly complex space for human life since it is a very arid area where man must work hard to be able to cultivate and have natural products, to which we must add that water it is essential for life”. This researcher was in charge of examining the images sent by the expeditionary team in Peru and wanted to warn of the archaeological importance of this find.

At the time when there were periods of drought or famine offerings were made Since natural catastrophes occurred every certain time, the Incas built a series of ceremonial centers throughout the territory they occupied, where a great cult of water was made and a lot of offerings were also made, such as those that were performed in this ceremonial center.

In the rituals that were performed, the sacrifice of people, something that was relatively normal among the Incas, who considered death as the passage to the afterlife and felt like they were truly chosen for it, that is why they were not afraid to submit to these sacrifices, but they did not feel anything either since they were drugged with coca or alcoholic with chicha, so many of his senses were practically nullified.

In this place there is still much to investigate and there are already several teams prepared to study in depth the find made by the Spanish expedition, with which it will be possible to learn more about many of the characteristics of this town.

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