Experts will restore Tutankhamun's mask

Experts will restore Tutankhamun's mask

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A group of different restaurateurs have reported on their progress of restore the beard of Tutankhamun's mask after it was completely accidentally broken by a worker a few months ago.

It all dates back to August 2014, when during a lighting job on this relic, accidentally broke his beard and hurriedly joined it with epoxy resin. Finally, when this event came to light, the Ministry of Antiquities called a press conference where Eckman claimed that both he and a specialist Egyptian team could restore it and thus avoid permanent damage to the mask.

An international team made up of German and Egyptian experts showed the mask in the Egyptian Museum, where they detailed the failure of quickly gluing the mask with the beard with epoxy resin, something that will take some time to repair.

Christian Eckmann, specialist in restoration, assured that the restoration works will take between one and two months, stating that: “We currently have some doubts and we must study the situation well since we do not know how deep the resin penetrated the beard and therefore we do not know how long it will take to remove the beard”.

This was stated during a press conference given in conjunction with the Egyptian Minister of Antiquities, Mamdouh-el-Damaty and Tarek Tawfik, general director of the Great Egyptian Museum, still under construction near the pyramids.

He also said that during the restoration work will carry out a detailed study of the different techniques and materials used in the creation of this mask, which will provide new information about how it was done.

He affirmed that they will try by all means to do all the work by mechanical means, anticipating that they will use wooden sticks that work very well and at the moment there is no strategy other than heat the resin and gradually remove it little by little since, unfortunately, epoxy resin is not soluble.

The pharaonic mask is 3,300 years old and it was discovered in his tomb along with many other artifacts in 1922 by Howard Carter, at which time the great interest of the whole world in Egyptian archeology was uncovered.

It is, without a doubt, one of the most famous pieces in the museum and that is why it is essential that it be restored and exhibited again in the museum, something that has been done for decades.

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