Greek mythology: the myth of Phaedra

Greek mythology: the myth of Phaedra

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There are many legends that we can find from Ancient Greece, such as the Phaedra myth, the daughter of Minos, the king of Crete, and of Pacifae, daughter of Helios.

She was also the mother of the minotaur, as well as the sister of Ariadna, whom we all know for helping to Theseus to slay the minotaur.

The myth of Phaedra

Deucalion, his brother, decided that his sister would marry the king of Athens, Theseus, who was said to be already married to Antiope, an Amazon.

This made the same day of the wedding between Theseus and Phaedra, Athens received the attack of the Amazons, a battle they lost.

It is said that this battle was intended to rescue Antiope, because they believed that he had kidnapped her.

Other legends assure that it was only to make reparation to Antiope since Theseus finally married Phaedra.

In the battle, Antiope dies, leaving him Hippolytus, the son in common between Theseus and her.

When he grows up, the boy rejects Phaedra out of respect for his biological mother, but she falls completely in love with her adopted son, although out of fear that Theseus will find out from her son's words, she decides to hatch a plan.

To preserve your honor, Phaedra deceives Theseus by telling him that Hippolytus had tried to outdo her.

Theseus immediately orders his son to be banished and cries out to the gods for his death, succeeding, causing him to die dragged by his own chariot.

Finally, Phaedra ends up completely devastated by her guilt and ends up committing suicide by hanging herself.

Other endings of the myth

Is is one of the legends and endings of Phaedra, although history has been in charge of creating others like the one that Euripides showed us at the time, who assured that he committed suicide, but did so before Hippolytus died and left a letter with supposed evidence that what she said was true.

In this version Theseus orders to kill his own son thinking that Phaedra had committed suicide because of him, but finally finds out that Hipólito was not to blame.

Anyway it is too late, but the young man manages to forgive his father before exhaling his last breath of life.

Obviously it is a legend, but this myth is one of the first cases in which the mother falls in love with her own child, although this time it was not her own biological child.

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