Two new shipwrecks discovered in Methoni Bay

Two new shipwrecks discovered in Methoni Bay

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The greek bay of Methoni It has witnessed countless historical events and under its waters are countless archaeological treasures that could reveal a lot of information about what life was like in different parts of history, the way in which different parts of history developed, etc.

In the north of the island of Sapienza, different investigations have been carried out to try to locate historical remains of ancient shipwrecks, with remains that were either on the seabed or buried under its sediment, and also to be able to make a palaeographic map of the bay in the last 10,000 years, which could provide information of great value.

In order to carry out the studies, the latest in technology was used, which sought to find any remains that could be buried more easily. A scanning sonar has been used to locate some targets as well as a magnetometer and a multi-beam echo sounder for the barimetric mapping of the area as well as the 3D representation of the natural formations on the surface of the seabed, clearly showing that they have used the best of current technology to do an effective job.

With all this technology in place, two shipwrecks have been found and mapped at the bottom of the sea. After investigating in more depth and using the tomograph and the magnetometer, different metallic and magnetic remains were found, which could reveal what they are looking for, information that can be very useful.

In one of the mappings made with the magnetometer, different metallic objects were found that are being studied and that will surely reveal much of the information that is being sought.

In fact, it is not the only discovery that has been made And they will surely continue to be done in this very important place, archaeologically speaking, which has made more and more specialists come to this area of ​​Greece to study the great importance of the many remains that are being found in this prolific area. and of which the experts assure that there are still many things to discover and surely of great importance.

Another of the great details discovered by the team of researchers has been a settlement dating back to the Bronze Age that is found under water and that could reveal huge amounts of information, since it is a discovery of great importance.

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