Botswana in the spotlight of the international archaeological community

Botswana in the spotlight of the international archaeological community

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If there is a region of the world that has much to say in terms of archeology, that is Africa, a corner through which countless civilizations have passed that have left their mark, a mark that we can see today in traditions, culture and also in the archaeological remains that are gradually being discovered in the different countries that are part of this continent.

When we talk about Africa, we always tend to think of countries like Egypt, one of the countries par excellence within the world of archeology and history, but there are many others such as Morocco, Tunisia and Ethiopia among many others that provide us with countless surprises such as that comes to us directly from Botswana, a country that is not exactly well known in terms of these issues, but that does not stop offering many surprises like the one we are going to comment on in this post.

The Department of National Museum and Monuments, together with archaeologists from the University of Oxford, the University of Southampton and also a geologist from Egypt, have joined forces to be able to do archaeological surveys in Seo Pan, near the town of Maleshe, about 20 kilometers from Tsabong.

Phillip Segadika, archaeologist from Botswana, revealed that Different stone tools have been found at the Seo Pan site such as Acheulean hand axes as well as different cups, blades, etc., objects that suggest that this settlement had a very important presence in both the first and later Stone Ages, which can reveal many data of great importance to the international community.

According to Segadika himself, in this place, in addition to finding a large number of objects, it has been shown that It was occupied about 160,000 years ago and even 250,000 years, although further research would need to be done to be able to reliably determine this date, which could become a much more interesting site than it is today.

Today this place has been classified as one of the most important corners of the country, archaeologically speaking, and it has been ensured that before next April 2016 it will be a place open to the public, where you will have guides, information panels, different perfectly marked trails, many brochures that will help all visitors to understand more about this place.

After studying History at the University and after many previous tests, Red Historia was born, a project that emerged as a means of dissemination where you can find the most important news of archeology, history and humanities, as well as articles of interest, curiosities and much more. In short, a meeting point for everyone where they can share information and continue learning.

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