The oldest beheading in America has been documented in Brazil

The oldest beheading in America has been documented in Brazil

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André Strauss, belonging to the Max Planck Institute, and director of the study carried out in the Lagoa Santa cave, in the Brazilian state of Minas Gerãis, has revealed that have found the oldest case of human beheading that has been documented in America and possibly in the world, since this event dates back no less than 9,000 years.

It was in 2007 when scientists discovered in a cave a cemetery with a large number of graves of hunters and gatherers who populated this region ago more than 12,000 years.

About 55 centimeters deep The skull of a man who had two amputated hands on his face was discovered, as if they were covering his eyes. His vertebrae and jaw showed very clear signs of having suffered a deep cut that caused him to be beheaded.

One thing that draws a lot of attention to archaeologists is the place where it was found, since the vast majority of those beheaded from different civilizations such as the Nazcas, Incas, Wari or Moche, were found in the Andes area, but despite this, the Lagoa Santa cave is very far from that region and even the remains of man are much older.

At the Max Planck institution there is a Spanish researcher named Domingo Salazar-García, and one of his missions was to extract the collagen from the bones in order to identify the date of death thanks to the well-known carbon 14 technique. This person is believed to have been beheaded with a very sharp stone and the victim is estimated to have been a man in his early 30s.

Now the group of archaeologists is considering different hypotheses about the discovery to try to explain the disposition of the remains. Salazar-García stated that:

Normally it was quite common for defeated enemies to be mutilated, causing their remains to be turned into trophies that would eventually be displayed on top of a large mast or rope, for all to see.

Now, the fact that the hands and other parts of the skeleton have appeared next to the skull, confirm the theory that it is a way of transmitting a kind of religious messageAlthough for now we must continue studying many of the unknowns that have not yet been cleared from this person, who will surely have many things to say despite having spent 9,000 years since his death.

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