Reconstructed the face of a 7,000-year-old Iranian woman

Reconstructed the face of a 7,000-year-old Iranian woman

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A mysterious skeleton discovered in Tehran last year It showed that the city is much older than previously thought. Now researchers have reconstructed face from 7,000-year-old skeletal remains.

According to the reconstruction, the woman had a marked and rounded chin, elongated lips and long hair. Researchers have scanned specific spots on the woman's skull and used modern face data. Archeology student Mahsa Vahabi discovered ceramics buried under Molavi Street, near Tehran's Grand Bazaar, last November.

The excavations that were carried out later revealed the skeleton, which was later dated to 5,000 B.C.. Mohammad Reza Rokni, an expert from the Center for Archaeological Research created a 3D model of the skeleton and told ‘Mehr News’: “We use whole parts of the skeleton and the principles of symmetry to reconstruct the parts that were missing or those that are not suitable for reconstruction«.

The team detailed 11 points of the woman's skull, such as the position of the eyes, nose, ears, lips and chin and used the data to create an accurate 3D model. As no traces of hair were found on the skeleton, the team drew the hair based on the appearance of local people. Plus also drawings of pottery found at Cheshmeh Ali were used, a Neolithic and Chalcolithic city in northern Iran, to perform the girl's hairstyle.

Despite some artistic features, Dr. Rokni believes that the reconstruction is 95% accurate. Mohammad Esmail Esmaili Jolodar, who originally led the excavation, stated: “This remarkable finding has led to the conclusion that Tehran was populated 7,000 years ago«. Previously, the oldest archaeological find in Tehran corresponded to the Gheytarieh Hills, located in the northwest, 3,000 years ago.

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