A 100,000-year-old astronomical map of Bosnia

A 100,000-year-old astronomical map of Bosnia

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After two years of investigations of some mysterious symbols carved in a stone found near Visoko (Bosnia) it is believed that this represents an astronomical map. Experts believe the symbols are part of an ancient writing system carved into stone by an unknown civilization thought to have lived in the Visoko Valley. The stone has been an enigma for many years.

The signs carved into the rock they are not ancient writings, as some researchers had assumed, but proof of a stellar configuration of the Visoko sky. To test this hypothesis, the symbols of the stones have been studied, considering that it is correct and proposing the correlation with the constellations. The stone has a sphere with a very interesting shape that represents the sky over Visoko, so it is a hemispherical stone.

It is important to pay attention to the following details: the stone is divided into four quadrants by two lines. Analysis of the symbols offers the opportunity to discover that the lines drawn on the stone each have an important function. In the following image, it can be seen that the lines measure astronomical notions.

In the left quadrant, the yellow line is very interesting because it has the function of being a kind of sextant, which indicates the position of the constellation Orion. The question to find out is when was this stone carved and with what era is it associated. The patterns reflected by the stone have not been observed at Visoko in the last 100,000 years, so it is believed that the stone will date from that antiquity.

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