Nalanda University could become part of the UNESCO Heritage list

Nalanda University could become part of the UNESCO Heritage list

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According to the latest news, an expert from the International Council of Monuments and Sites of UNESCO, based in Paris, is examining in depth the ruins of Nalanda University, in order to be able to evaluate in first person the candidacy of India to achieve that this ancient place becomes part of the UNESCO World Heritage List.

The expert, Masaya Masui, has thoroughly examined the ruins of Nalanda University To know all the details and peculiar characteristics that this place has and despite the fact that its mission has already ended, now they will have to wait a while until the results are made public and the sublime and extensive list of UNESCO Heritage sites is increased your number.

What is Nalanda University?

Much has been said about this place and there are many historians and scholars about this corner who Nalanda University is one of the oldest universities in the world, long before any of those that we could find in Europe, for example. Its construction is said to have started in the 6th century AD. , in full swing of Guota Empire and so it continued for six centuries full of splendor until in the 12th century it was completely looted and burned by the Turkish army under the invading troops of Commander Bakhtiyar Khilji.

Both for the inhabitants of the area where these ruins are located as well as for the Indian Government, it is very important that this place is recognized and included in this elitist list. For this reason, the Ministry of Culture through the Archaeological Service of India prepared a complete dossier on the ruins that far exceeded 200 pages detailing practically all the details about the place.

In spite of everything, we will have to wait to know if the ruins of Nalanda University will finally be accepted or not, since would not be known before 2016, although the Indian Government considers that the expert was very surprised with what he found in the place, although they prefer not to throw the bells to the flight and arm themselves with patience until next year, in which it will finally be confirmed what they have been taking for so long. looking from India and the truth is that the place is very worthwhile, not only for its architectural value but for its heritage value.

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