Presentation of a monograph on the Civil War in El Capricho (July 19)

Presentation of a monograph on the Civil War in El Capricho (July 19)

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The next July 19 at 11:00 a.m., will take place at the Gloria Fuertes cultural center (Avenida de Logroño 179) the presentation of number 27 of the magazine «Frente de Madrid», whose theme monographic will be the Historical Garden of El Capricho during the Spanish Civil War, at which time the place was converted into the Central Republican Army Headquarters.

The study that will be presented is so far the most complete that has been carried out on the role of El Capricho in the contest, supported by the investigations of Mª Isabel Pérez Hernández, PhD in Architecture and vice-president of the cultural association «Amigos de El Capricho», and Antonio Morcillo Lopez, President of GEFREMA and recognized scholar of the Civil War.

The research focuses on events that occurred from the months prior to the Civil War until its end in the El Capricho Garden, based on the historical documentation of the time where we find that it was seized for the International Red Aid or its use as a battle tank base.

For his part, Antonio Morcillo will delve into the General Miaja Refuge, the most important underground fortification that was built during the Civil War.

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