New data on migration from Africa to Europe and Asia

New data on migration from Africa to Europe and Asia

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New research suggests that Europe and Asia were populated when Africans migrated from North Africa, through what is now Egypt, to expand throughout the rest of the world. These new conclusions have been published in ‘The American Journal of Human Genetics‘, answering the question of whether the first humans to leave Africa did so via Egypt or via Ethiopia. The wide diversity of the genetic catalog in Ethiopia and Egypt that has been recorded in recent research is reliable and valid.

There are two possible geographic routes that the first humans out of Africa could use: through Egypt and Sinai or through Ethiopia. Some lines of research point towards one route and others towards another.

«The most interesting of the results is that we have discovered an unknown episode in the history of the Eurasians, improving the understanding about the history of evolution.»States Dr. Luca Pagani,«it is very exciting that our DNA allows us to understand events that occurred 60,000 years ago«.

The team also studied genomes to identify when one population separated from the other. People who left Africa from Egypt recorded more recent genomes than Ethiopians, reinforcing the idea that Egypt was the last gate of exit from Africa. «Meanwhile, research clearly shows that emigration to Africa continued north«Says Dr Toomas KIvisild, Professor in the Department of Archeology and Anthropology at the University of Cambridge.

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«It is important to continue investigating while there is still some kind of question"Commented Dr. Chris Tyler-Smith, professor at the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute.

«We can use human genome data and the tools of biology to answer questions about the origin of humans and migrations.«, Sentenced.

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