The Islamic State announces that it will not destroy Palmyra

The Islamic State announces that it will not destroy Palmyra

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The Islamic State has released a video in which shows the ruins of Palmyra apparently undamaged. The ancient remains of the city are not statues and will be kept as is, a commander of the Islamic State has declared to a radio, while a great humanitarian crisis takes place in the area.

The video revealed by the Islamic State shows images of the Syrian city of Palmyra with its intact ruins and guerrillas of the group have promised that they will do no harm to the ruins of the city and that only the statues that are considered polytheistic will be destroyed, so it is expected that one of the most splendid ruins of antiquity will be saved from the fury of the guerrillas.

The video that has been published by one of the militants of the Islamic State shows part of the ancient city and the columns, the Temple of Bel and the Roman theater, in perfect condition and empty.

Alwan FM, anti-government radio, has published an interview with Abu Laith al-Saoudy, nom de guerre of the commander of the Islamic State in Palmyra, which has shown its commitment not to damage the place, although he has stated that the destruction of statues by the group is likely.

«We are concerned about the historical heritage of the city, we are going to preserve them, God so wishes, but we are going to destroy the icons that the infidels used to use to pray«. Says the commander of the Islamic State. "Historic buildings will be respected and will not be destroyed in any case as some think," he added.

A member of the anti-government organization Local Coordination Committee of Tadmur, the name of the modern city of Palmira, has commented that Palmyra's antiquities will be saved because they are mostly columns and buildings and not statues of people who can be considered as idols and therefore they must be destroyed, but with these there would be no problem.

Local sources have reported that the Islamic State has used the Roman theater in Palmyra to execute about a dozen foreign fighters who are on the side of Assad, these events occurred on Wednesday. The Islamic State has captured 600 prisoners and justifies their detention because they fight on the side of Bashar al-Assad. More than 400 people have been killed since the Islamic State offensive began in the area.

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