New exhibition on Gustave Doré in Puerto Rico

New exhibition on Gustave Doré in Puerto Rico

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The Ponce Art Museum, located in the town of Ponce (Puerto Rico) has hosted since last March 28 a small but very important selection of works from the prestigious French artist and printmaker Gustave Doré under the name of: Fervor and Fantasy: the Passion according to Gustave Doré.

This sample will show us a great number of details and characteristics so special that have always accompanied this artist and will be composed of five large-format works that make clear the incredible creativity and also the important aesthetic interest of the artist when he represents different scenes related to the life of Jesus.

The passion and death of Jesus has been one of the themes that has served as inspiration for many artists of different currents, both painting and sculpture or architecture among others throughout the centuries.

With his work, Doré stands out for being one of the most outstanding creators. Thanks to statements made by the curator Pablo Pérez d’Ors, Doré stands out for an intense darkness when he wants to represent the scenes of one of the stories that everyone knows. In addition, in this exhibition, all attendees will be able to discover and also understand how Doré was able to create completely original images, based on texts from the Gospels.

One of the characteristics that always accompanied Doré was that the economic investment that drove his work did not come from religious institutions but came directly from private clients, which provided him with a great creative freedom, something that gave him enormous commercial success.

He also stood out for having a great ability to appeal to both religious and aesthetic sensitivity. Pérez d'Ors clarified what: "By presenting different religious works of Gustave Doré in context, Fervor y Fantasía allows us to get to know this fantastic artist better, but also takes the pulse of a time when many important changes were taking place.”.

For its part, the museum has said that contrary to what happens with other exhibitions that manage to gather large amounts of works, this sample is composed just for three huge canvases, two prints and an illustrated Bible.

We certainly do not want the public to feel intimidated when they enter the Museum. This exhibition is very accessible and since there are few works, it can be visited in just about 20 minutes, looking at the works with some detail”.

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