Four Harappan-era skeletons found in India

Four Harappan-era skeletons found in India

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Four human skeletons about 5,000 years old They have been found by archaeologists from the Haryana Archaeological Department, in collaboration with Seoul National University. They are from the Harappan civilization and have been found in the city of Rakhi Garhi, near Haryana.

Professor Nilesh Yadav, who is co-leading the project, has stated that it is the first time skeletons have been found during the excavation of the city, which began in 2012.

The skeletons belong to two men, a woman and a child. The skeletons of men have an age of about 50 years while the body of women has an age of about 30 years. The child's skeleton is about ten years old and all will be sent to the laboratory to analyze their DNA.

Besides the skeletonsDifferent objects have been found such as ceramic jars with food, bracelets and toys, among others.

Archaeologists are still working in the vast area and do not rule out making more finds.

Via The Times of India

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