Venom, possible ally of the hunters of the Paleolithic

Venom, possible ally of the hunters of the Paleolithic

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Archaeologists around the world have long suspected that Paleolithic hunters used poison from plants to make their weapons more lethal and they could hunt and kill game much easier than was believed at first, moving away from the belief that they only hunted with rudimentary spears that would have little or nothing to do with this new way of hunting that many researchers claim.

Knowing that hunting a hare is not the same as a mammoth, the Paleolithic hunters had to invent new methods so that hunting large game was not so dangerous for them, so it has been advanced that they could have used the poison of some plants to that the weapons were much more lethal than piercing the animal with spears and other weapons of that time.

It is not the first time that archaeologists think about the possibility that prehistoric people had discovered the poison of plants as an aid when hunting, although until now this theory had not been able to be corroborated.

The Doctor of Paleontology Valentina Borgia, has found remains of poisonous plants in weapons from the Paleolithic, something that could be considered as irrefutable proof that the men of that time not only used their rudimentary weapons against animals but that they were reinforced with poison to be much more lethal and in this way manage to finish off their piece much earlier.

Although the Greeks, Babylonians and Romans used poisonous plants to use as a complement for hunting, I've never gone so far back in time, which is considered a very important finding.

Borgia has spent many years developing different techniques that allow analyze the remains of many substances that have been attached to prehistoric weapons that nowadays anyone can see in a museum and thus demonstrate that in those years poison was already used as a very important complement in hunting.

The tests carried out are not definitive, but this opens a door to think that some of the spots found on spears from about 30,000 years ago are remains of poison used to more easily kill prey, completely changing the perception of those hunters.

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