A clash of elites, possible end of Teotihuacán

A clash of elites, possible end of Teotihuacán

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According to the latest research, Teotihuacan, one of the largest pre-Hispanic cities in Mexico, may have collapsed due to a major class clash between the ruling elite and the neighborhood administrators, something that had not been thought of until now.

This city was one of the largest in the ancient worldIt is said that it could be comparable to Rome, Alexandria or Constantinople among others. This city had an area of ​​20Km² and more than 125,000 inhabitants. As stated by Linda Manzanilla, an expert from the Institute of Anthropological Research of the National Autonomous University of Mexico, in this city two classes of elites germinated that ended up facing each other, causing Teotihuacán to collapse.

This occurred around 7th century and the disappearance of this city has been investigated on countless occasions and on previous occasions it was pointed out that the collapse was due to political, economic and social factors.

As stated Manzanilla, Teotihuacán had a ruling class or state elite, which was considered unique in its time since it was like a corporate organization, where power rested in few hands, without kings or anything like that, with a form of government that clashed head-on with that of the Mayans, other inhabitants of the Mexican region.

Under the elite were administrators from around 20 neighborhoods, considered as if they were middle-class nobles, who also served as entrepreneurs, competing with each other for raw materials and resources from distant regions.

The researcher stated that the elites of that state began to realize that the elites of the neighborhoods that were surrounding the center of the city they were beginning to have great power and were practically operating autonomously, which caused the ruling elites to begin to prepare for what might happen.

Around 550 A.D. started a small revolt of the neighborhood chiefs, where it all started with a fire in the main hall where the Teotihuacán pyramids were located, as well as in some of the most important structures belonging to the ruling elites.

During the investigation the discovery of a mysterious tunnel where more than 50,000 pre-Hispanic objects were found. At the end of the tunnel there are three chambers, of which it is believed that there are tombs with the remains of powerful characters, although they have not been investigated at the moment.

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