Millions of people in Asia descend from great leaders

Millions of people in Asia descend from great leaders

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A group of researchers has recently found that many men today have genetic connections to no less than 11 powerful Asian leaders, who founded dynasties dating back about 4,000 years in time in the oldest case.

One of the most important characters who have determined the offspring is the very Genghis Khan, one of the leaders of the Mongol Empire who was about to reach Europe destroying everything in his path.

Those in charge of the research have been the members of the team of Mark Jobling, from the University of Leicester in the United Kingdom and also Patricia Balaresque, from the Paul Sabatier University in the French town of Toulouse. The team investigated in depth the Y chromosome, which is only transmitted from the father to the male child, thanks to a population sample made up of more than 5,000 Asian men from different Asian populations.

Remember that a large number of Y chromosome types are very rare, although the team obtained 11 that were clearly more common than normal within the sample, managing to study them in depth.

Some time ago different investigations were carried out and the existence of the two most common male lineages was discovered, with which it has finally been concluded that the founder of one of the lineages was Genghis Khan. The other lineage is said to have belonged to Giocangga, a historical figure little known in the West but who became tremendously powerful in his time.

Both study authors found several genetic connections through a chain of male ancestors, both in the case of Genghis Khan as in Giocangga's and other leaders from various corners of Asia who were born between 2,100 BC. and 700 of our era.

For these lineages to have become so common, it is thought that its founders had to have many children with many different women as well as transmitting their social positions as well as the Y chromosome.

Time has caused the effect to be amplified and today there are many people who for one reason or another are direct descendants of these leaders, who were once leaders of antiquity, who used to cede their position of power to their children, ensuring that their lineage was maintained in time for many years, and even centuries.

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