They find the oldest fossil of the genus Homo

They find the oldest fossil of the genus Homo

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An international team of researchers has announced the discovery of a fossil that belonged to a hominid. It is a jaw that is no less than 2.8 million years old, which It thus becomes the oldest that has been found so far of the genus Homo, to which it belongs to modern man, which reveals that the evidence of the lineage of the human race dates back 500,000 years before what had been concluded at first.

This jaw was found in 2013 at the site of Ledi-Geraru, in the state of Afar, and the analysis has been published in two studies in the prestigious journal Science. The researchers note that the fossil, known as LD 350-1, combines all the primitive features of Australopithecus, with many of the more modern features of Homo, placing this genus earlier in time.

The researchers point out that it is still early days and have stated that they need many more studies to be able to determine what species belongs. So far, the oldest fossils that have been found within the genus Homo, date from approximately 2.3 or 2.5.

Brian Villmoare of the University of Nevada, one of the principal investigators, was very pleased with this finding and stated that: “Even though we spent a long time searching, fossils of the Homo lineage over 2 million years old are extremely rare to find.”.

Both Cillmoare and his team thoroughly studied the found jaw, which stands out for having five intact teeth, and they anticipated that despite its age and the location of the fossil, they place it very close to Australopithecus afarensis. It also coincides with the first species of Homo due to its characteristic thin and symmetrical shape..

They have explained that the period that covers between 2 and 3 million years is one of the least known about it, so this finding is all good news for the international community of anthropology, because a large volume can be extracted of information.

There is no doubt that these kinds of findings are something fantastic and that whenever any news of this kind comes to light, it becomes an event because the dream of every anthropologist is to be able to complete the different parts of the history of the humanity.

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