Study reveals important facts about Vikings

Study reveals important facts about Vikings

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The Vikings They are always remembered in the history books as true barbarians, thirsty for blood and who destroyed everything they found in their path in northern Europe. In a way it may be true, but the Vikings were much more than barbarians, although surely not as fierce or murderous as they are painted.

They have always been the subject of study by historians, archaeologists and scholars about their way of life, their explorations, their kings and their battles, among many other aspects. In these studies that have been carried out it has been discovered that they were also landowners, politicians, settlers, merchants, farmers and also artisans.

During the heyday of the vikings, the European continent experienced different technological advances thanks to the increasing contact between the British Isles, Scandinavia and also continental Europe. The vertical loom and also the potter's wheel were products that were manufactured in Viking settlements, so today we can thank them for these advances.

Likewise, Vikings are credited with another series of breakthroughs such as having been able to bring together coastal farming in shopping centers and market cities among others, which made these advances very present in their society. Although some of the many artifacts invented by the Vikings are known, what is not known for sure are the complex methods for their manufacture, at least with respect to the century in which they were manufactured.

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In each creation there were a large number of specialties, skills, raw materials and tools involved, which reveals that the artisans not only depended on a local market for purchase / sale but there had to be a well-organized supply chain. For that reason, the development of specialist crafts as well as urbanization and long-distance trade may be tied to the Vikings more closely than was first thought.

It is also known that Vikings were expert shipbuilders and also expert sailors. His skill in shipbuilding left behind many techniques and aspects that are still used today as the great voyages in sailing ships, of which the Vikings are said to have been true pioneers. But they were also true masters in the creation of decorative objects with animal bones, in the creation of brooches or even jewelry made with glass pearls and surely what we will remain to know about this town.

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