The effigy of King Antiochus is topical again

The effigy of King Antiochus is topical again

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The sculpted head of King Antiochus, the monarch of Commagene, remains a mystery and is back on the agenda. A video found by a Turkish collector in a well-known German flea market shows images of the excavations of Mount Nemrut in 1965, in which a great scandal is appreciated. You can see how the sculpted head of the monarch, which today is in the Gaziantep Zeugma Museum, was smuggled out by a German, according to reports Hurriyet Daily News.

The pictures show the moment when the sculpture of Antiochus was discovered in the excavations of Nemrut. You can also see how the entire sculpture is cleaned, covered with a piece of cloth and how it is carried,
After the video was seen, the editor of the magazine Art and Archeology, Nezih Basgelen, assured that the film also shows us a Turkish Airlines plane, which had been included in the company's fleet in 1948 but ceased in 1966, which reveals that the film was recorded before that year .

Karl Dörner found the sculpture in 1953 and in this footage his excavations are shown, so the recording takes place between 1953 and 1966. Although he worked in Nemrut until 1986 and wrote a book about all his experiences in the ruins of Nemrut in 1987 , he never mentioned the existence of the head in his book.

Currently the piece is in the Zeugma Gaziantep Museum and after having asked many questions about it, none of the officials or workers could assure how it got there, but they only know that it was registered in their inventory in 1995, but they do not know. knows nothing more, since the file and other files were lost, so it is a mystery.

The former directors of the museum assured that the head of the sculpture was captured in 1980 at Gaziantep airport in an operation against foreign smuggling and was apprehended from a German citizen, sent by the police to the museum, but no one knew anything more of the German citizen or even if there was a judicial process since the files were also lost.

The story of this piece remains a true mystery more worthy of a movie than real life, and the entire story may never be known.

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