The Islamic State now destroys the ancient city of Dur Sharrukin

The Islamic State now destroys the ancient city of Dur Sharrukin

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The Islamic State continues with its attacks against Iraqi heritage and after destroying Nimrud Y Hatra, yesterday they have caused damage to Dur Sharrukin, capital of Assyrian civilization during the reign of Sargon II (722-705 BC).

The Minister of Tourism and Antiquities of the country Abdel Shirshad acknowledged receiving information about this new attack against the heritage perpetrated with bulldozers, in the city 15 kilometers northwest of Mosul.

Shirshab added that terrorists looted some works of art before demolishing the site, surely to sell them on the black market, one of its forms of financing. He also requested help from the international community demanding that “strike terrorism wherever you are«.

«We request air support"He added, stating that"the lightness of the international response to terrorism has led to the destruction of Iraqi heritage«. «International alliance bombing must protect archaeological sites that jihadists want to destroy«, Sentenced.

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