Droughts, the reason for the collapse of many Mexican cities

Droughts, the reason for the collapse of many Mexican cities

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An investigation started some time ago by the University of Berkeley, in California, The Mexican city of Cantona is revealed to have been abandoned between AD 900 and 1050. due to a very prolonged period of drought, which caused the city to collapse.

The Cantona city It was located on a volcanic terrain west of Mexico City and was considered one of the most important cities in the New World, hosting up to 90,000 souls. The area stands out for having large deposits of obsidian, which gave it a certain wealth as well as being part of a commercial route and military settlement.

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All that bonanza time didn't last long because the city ended up collapsing, or at least so they have declared since the Berkeley University after having analyzed the sediments of a lake near the city.

After analyzing these sediments, they found that in a period of approximately 650 years where droughts raged mercilessly not only to the city but to a large area where it was located, which is why the city was disappearing little by little.

Nonetheless, analyzes reveal that the city's population increased during the first stage of droughts, where people thought there would be enough water reserves, but these little by little were depleted, increasing the exodus of citizens to other places such as the city of Teotihuacán, about 100 kilometers to the west, in full decline over time.

Since they learned of the existence of Cantona, there are constant trips from California to study all the data that he finds, where he hopes to find objects or archaeological remains that will provide him with more truthful information about these events.

These investigations have been joined by different German colleagues, who have observed the data provided by oxygen isotopes in sediments using modern analysis techniques such as carbon 14 among others.

As the German research team stated, Cantona's decline occurred during a period of time of frequent drought, which originated an abrupt social and cultural change, although they hope to obtain more information about their works and publish them shortly.

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