Neanderthals and Homo Sapiens for the first child

Neanderthals and Homo Sapiens for the first child

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Although many advances are being made to understand many of the characteristics of our ancestors, human evolution, especially the one that goes back the most in time, is the one with the most information gaps and therefore, when an important discovery is made, it is celebrated like never before.

North of Israel, in the Manot cave, a find has been made that has aroused the curiosity of the international archaeological community. It is the upper part of a skull and different remains that make experts wonder that both Neanderthals and Homo sapiens coexisted in time as nomadic hunters.

This cave is about 40 kilometers from the Amud cave and 54 kilometers from Kebara, which has been shown to were inhabited by Neanderthals. Therefore, if one takes into account that the Manot find is about 55,000 years old, it could be said that there are many possibilities that they coincided in this area for thousands of years.

At the moment there has not been an in-depth study on the subject and despite the fact that this piece does not provide conclusive data, it is believed that this latitude it could be one of the places where both species came to interbreed. But they have gone further in their speculations, they affirm that It could be the son of a Neanderthal and a homo sapiens, which would be quite a find.

One of its main characteristics is that this bone It is the first to be found outside of Africa and belongs to a modern human approximately 55,000 years old.. The anthropologist Hershkovitz, one of the co-authors of the finding, declared that this may be a sign that both species coexisted and in this period, always according to genetic analysis, African homo sapiens had children with Neanderthals.

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A preliminary study raises the possibility that this is the skull of one of the first hybrids between homo sapiens and neanderthals, something that different researchers from Germany, Austria, the United States and Israel propose, so if true, it would be one of the most important findings of recent times, where a piece of great weight would fit into the puzzle of human evolution Although, as the researchers have said, there is still a lot of work to be done and studied enough on the subject to be able to affirm something with total confidence.

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